Who is Icky?

Icky Doo Dah has 2 greedy little eyes…

Icky lives in the attic on Copperpot Farm. His beady yellow eyes are perfect for spotting spindly spiders. Spiders are Icky’s favourite food and there are plenty of them to find amidst the dusty junk. His mischievous eyes are also great for spotting mischief - Icky’s favourite hobby! Find out more about him in Icky Doo Dah!

How to Draw Icky Doo Dah's eyes

1 enormous mouth…

Icky’s massive mouth makes munching spiders an easy task. It’s also great for giggling and shrieking when making maximum mischief! When Icky gets baked into a Christmas pudding in The Christmas Hoo Hah he fills his naughty mouth which helps him to eat his way out!

Drawing Icky Doo Dah's mouth

2 grubby little mitts…

His little Doo Dah hands help him to dig out mischief and climb up the walls on Copperpot Farm. They help him to escape from sticky situations. In The Royal Bling Thing they help him to grab fistfuls of diamonds and in The Fairground Fiasco his grubby little mitts help him to escape from a candyfloss machine!

Icky Doo Dah's left hand Icky Doo Dah's right hand

4 scary blue horns…

Icky is definitely a scary-cute character. His blue spikes help him to balance when making mischief and are definitely his most monstrous body parts!

Icky Doo Dah's scary blue horns Spider

…and 4 not so scary feathers

Icky Doo Dah’s fluttery red feathers certainly make Icky look a little less monstrous! Although he can't fly they can help him to glide to safety. See what happens in The Royal Bling Thing when Icky flies to The Royal Palace in a radio controlled toy aeroplane!

Drawing Icky Doo Dah's not so scary feathers
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If you put all these ickydoodastic bits together you get…Icky Doo Dah!